17 August 2015

Have I told you that we’ve got a new Senior ICT Manager? After decades long tradition of hiring expats for the position, the management decided to try a local one this time around. First impressions — she was very different from the previous senior ICT managers. More livelier, chattier and more inclusive in her management style. She didn’t waste time bringing in a wave of changes and naturally not all are happy with the new things that she introduced.

Me, I was not spared from the revolution that she’s bringing. A few weeks into her reign, she asked me to get involved with the school’s Google Sites webpage. I hesitated at first thinking of the extra burden to my already busy work schedule but after much persuasion, I relented and accepted her offer. So far it’s been good the project. Sure I had to squeeze an extra hour or two every other day of the week for the webpage but they’re quite manageable, at least for now. I’m that kind of guy who doesn’t easily quit when facing a challenge (unlike John hu hu).

One thing I noticed, my new manager likes to eat. A lot. She regularly treat us with lunch either at the office or at the restaurant next door. And she paid it all with money from her own pocket, not a penny from the school coffers. How noble and generous of her. Today we had a little christmas luncheon at a hotel in Seri Petaling. The initial plan was to have dinner at a fancy Thai restaurant somewhere in Ampang but after half of the department staff bailed because of various excuses (mainly the remote location), we changed to Seri Petaling. The food was nice and we had secret santa sessions, lucky draws and goodies bags. Yes everybody got all the items showed in the picture above thanks to our new boss and also the director of Learning Technology. I don’t know whether they got some vendor to sponsor or pool their own money but we are surely touched by their generosity and thoughtfulness. Of course there’s a little note at the goodies bag that says we were to return all those nice gadgets should we ever leave the company but I don’t care. It’s the thought that counts. Thanks boss!

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