5 May 2016

I've eaten a lot of ayam penyet in my life and they are one of my favorite food ever since I came to know of their existence. Some were really good, with the chicken tender and crispy and the sambal so spicy you got your tongue wagging by the time you finish. Many however are a travesty to fine Indonesian food, the chicken is regular fried chicken and the sambal bland and tasteless. So far you can't go wrong with Ayam Penyet AP although their restaurants are far and few in between now.

As good as Ayam Penyet AP is, it doesn't come close to Warung Leko in The Curve. There not only I had the most delicious ayam penyet ever, I also discovered the uber-delicious iga penyet which is basically soft juicy ribs combined with their super-spicy sambal. I mean I have a pretty good tolerance for spicy foods but theirs top the upper scale. You just have to try them for yourself and get lost in culinary heaven. Their ayam penyet is good but their iga penyet is out of this world. It's rather expensive at 18 ringgit per plate but it's worth every ringgit trust me.

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