21 August 2010

A few weeks from now many of us we'll be going back to our hometowns to celebrate Raya. Therefore it is prudent that we get our cars serviced before making the long return trip. As usual I went to my Proton Savvy specialist workshop in Puchong Perdana, R.S Auto. This time we got the timing belt kit replaced apart from the usual service. The towkey was quite surprised that we waited until the car clocked past 100,000KM before changing the belt. Usually people change that thing after 70,000KM. If it snaps while we were driving, say good bye to our engine. Scary stuff.

R.S Auto may not be the best or comfortable service center that I've been to. There's no air-conditioned lounge to relax in or comfy sofa to sit on. No free flowing drinks, magazine or WiFi to hook up to. However one thing they are committed to is not to rip you off. They tell you what is actually wrong with your car and only replace parts if only absolutely necessary. Like when I service my car there, they didn't replace the spark plug or air filter cause they're still good and usable. And most of the spare parts and charges there is a lot cheaper than what they charge you at Proton service centers for example. The timing belt for example is RM200 cheaper than Proton. Honesty and value for money, two things you'll be hard-pressed to find these days.