11 August 2010

Yesterday Muslims all over the world started to observe fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, my family not excluded. Maybe he's a little bit excited but Adam said he wanted to fast too, just like his Mom and Pop. So we said, "then you'll have to wake up for sahur early in the morning". And so he did. Woke up around 5:00 AM yesterday to eat with us. Mia who happens to wake up as well, joined us.

So later in the evening I asked, "Did you eat or drink anything today, Adam?". And he said "No I didn't eat at all! Except for a drink when I was so thirsty". Later when pressed on by his mother he finally said "okay la maybe I ate a couple of biscuits in the afternoon, but that's all!". Well, we didn't expect you to succeed fasting on the first day anyway. We'd be surprised if you did. You willingness to begin fasting is good enough. You're only 6 years old by the way. It's a good start.