11 November 2011

Today is 11/11/11 which is a big deal to some people but totally means nothing to me. They're just numbers for God's sake! Nothing different from any other day of the year. Today also happens to be my 7 year old's Record Book Day. It's a day where parents of school children come to the school to meet the class teacher and find out how well (or not) their kids have done through the semester. So no more bringing home your record book so your parent can whack you good if you didn't do well. Today you can do that right in front of the class.

Anyhow, before the exam I promised Adam an iPod Touch if he gets 1st in class. It's not like I don't believe in his abilities, it's just that Adam didn't do any much studying before his exam. We had to pronounce all kind of threats before he attempts to do any revision. So I was indeed surprised that he managed to get 3rd in class today. The only subject that kept him off of the top spot was Arts which he got 75%. That is only because he didn't came to class the day before and he didn't know he had to bring his water color and manila card for the exam. Else, who knows he might be top in his class today.

3rd in class is definitely ain't that bad. Of course we would get you something. When I got number 1 in school during standard six, my Mom gave me 20 ringgit. Which I duly waste on a toy truck at Toys R Us. Our Adam is not that type of kid that demands this and that from his parent. Still it would be a befitting if we reward him with something nice. I know of parents who never gives anything to the children even if the consistently score top marks in school. To them, being excellent in school is their born duty and responsibility. Why should they be rewarded for that they say. I say WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? WHAT KIND OF SCREWED LOGIC US THAT? Do you want your kids to grow up bitter and resentful? Every kid deserve some reward sometimes even if they got last place in class. It's common courtesy.

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