23 October 2011

We have just returned from sending my mom at the Tabung Haji complex in Kelana Jaya tonight. After waiting for like 5 years it's finally her turn to perform the hajj in Mecca. Even then she had to make an appeal to fast-track her departure, else she would have to wait much-much longer.

Like any decent Muslim, it's her very wish that she would want to perform the ritual at least once in her life time. Today it costs her about 12K to do that. In the future it would cost much more because of inflation.

Despite my nonchalant appearance, deep inside I was somewhat sad to see my Mom go (who doesn't?). She won't be back for another 40-odd day or so and it's the longest we'll be without seeing her. I pray that she would be alright and return safely home in December. Take care now Mom.

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