6 October 2011

So what do we have here?

I love my brand new Targus 4 port usb hub. It's black and it has 4 ports. I like the way the cable snug into the body.

My Android phone is constantly low on space. No matter how much apps you throw away there can't seem to be enough space in there. Despite the fact that my 2GB SD card is barely used. Some Android apps stubbornly wants to reside on the phone only and there's no option for you to move it onto the SD card. Unless you root it first. Which I did try for a dozen times already. And failed every-time. Damn I thought Android is Linux and supposed to be open. I guess not. Come to think of it, it is harder to root an Android than to jailbreak an iPhone. And they called Apple a 'closed' system. The irony. That just adds to my case of buying an iPhone again. The only thing getting between me and that is the monthly instalment. Dare I add another one to my already burgeoning list?

My trusty Casio wristwatch has water in it. Don't know what happen but one day I saw tiny little bubbles of water inside. Maybe she's thirsty.

I have 3 notebooks/journal/diary but precious little written on it. All of them given by my friends.

Now about work.

Wait, what work?

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