11 October 2011

After using Android for 2 months I have come to the conclusion that the OS sucks. Maybe it's just my crappy HTC Wildfire, maybe it's standard with all Android phones but I just can't see myself using the OS anymore.

First there's the space issue. Although you can always add an external SD card, up to 32GB in fact, the truth is many apps requires installation on the phone only. Which sucks, big time. Why? Because most Android phones has anything from 512MB to 2GB of internal storage only so naturally they will ran out of space in like 2 days. Imagine if you have 512MB of ROM with the HTC Wildfire for example. 128MB from it is reserved for system files. So the balance, only the measly 384MB is available to install all your favorite apps. No matter if you have 16GB or 64GB memory card. Many Android apps is phone only, meaning you can't run them from the external memory card.

And then there's the jailbreak factor. The entire 2 months of using my Android, I tried like a dozen times to root the phone but to no avail. I think I combed the web pretty thoroughly, following all the instructions to the letter. But nope, in the end always fail. Compared to the iPhone, it took me less than 5 minutes to jailbreak that thing (ipsw file download time not included). What's up with that? And I thought Androids were suppose to be open. Let's not even talk about the apps. Sure many of them are free but most of them are shitty as well. Something that you don't want to install even when they're free. And the interface and design of those Android apps looks like shit compared to iOS. Aesthetically, they don't even come close.

So in the end I threw caution to the wind and bought myself an iPhone again. Yes I had to sell my HTC, digital camera, MiFi device and my left kidney to pay for half of it but I think it's totally worth it. And while I'm at it, why not the iPhone 4 I thought. It captures gorgeous pictures so no need for a digital camera anymore. And with my Celcom Mobile Internet plan, I find the old but trusty MiFi device now redundant.

2 weeks later I have not regretted a bit buying the iPhone again. I have basically used every iPhone model out there from the lowly 2G to the iPhone 4 and I dare-say the iPhone is the best phone money can buy.

Besides, I missed the Instagram app so much.

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