5 December 2013

When our 7 years old Samsung washing machine broke down the first time, we sent it to an electrical repair shop to get it fixed. It costed us about RM200+. A few months later, it broke down again and the same shop (Gokand Star in Puncak Jalil) and the Pakistani guy said the second hand board only has a one month warranty and we had to pay about the same price to get it fixed again. What a rip off. So instead of donating our hard-earned money to that bloodsucker, we'd save our money and buy a new one cash.

A month later we saved enough to buy a new washing machine. It had to be at least 7 kilos to fit our entire family laundry load. We found a really good deal at Tesco, Panasonic brand with 7.5 kilos load. We called the store beforehand to make sure there's stock and the lady who picked up the phone said they do have some in stock. So we went to this Tesco in Bandar Bukit Puchong and guess what? There's none in stock. I complained to the Tesco Malaysia twitter account but they didn't reply shit. So much for customer service.

In the end we bought one from a local electrical shop in Equine Park instead. It was a Sharp washing machine and it costed us a few hundred more. It was delivered pretty quickly, two days later. Even during the first wash we find it queer that they machine had been going on for over 2 hours. Our last washer only runs for about 60 minutes at most. During the subsequent wash however, it runs less than 2 hours so I thought perhaps it is normal for Sharp washing machines to run that long. However after a few days the machine started going on again for over 3 hours non-stop. That's when I thought there must been something wrong it. So I went to the shop where we bought it and they called Sharp's customer service for me and a technician came a week later. Apparently the floor where we placed the washing machine was uneven so somehow that affected how the machine works. He just slid some folded papers to make it even and the machine washing worked flawlessly since then. The funny thing is, our old Samsung washer was placed at the exact same place and it worked fine for years.

Moral of the story is, Samsung washing machines will break down a year after it warranty ends (5 years) and Sharp washing machines are weird.

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