28 February 2014

Today my IT Manager for whole school, Mike clocked in for the final time after 5 years. We had a little farewell ceremony for him. There was cake, speech, nasi lemak and pizza which we pitched in RM41.00 each. Mike was in all, a good manager and a nice fellow. He'd been generally supportive to all of us. Of course there are times that I felt he was rather petty or slightly unreasonable to me. I'd totally understand when he said I can't post any pictures of the school or the people in it to Instagram or any other social media for privacy and security reasons. I stopped doing that. Or mostly stopped checking in with the school's name in the location. One thing I remember the most about Mike is that he has this great aversion to his staff fiddling with a phoned during work. Regardless if the purpose is for work or otherwise. I suspect some overzealous teacher or somebody reported it to him so he had to say something about that.

One time I was formatting a pc, which is an insanely boring and time-consuming work so I read a book on my phone to fill my time. Mike saw this and he gently rebuked me for doing that. He doesn't care if I'm reading a book or scrolling Twitter, he will have none of it. Apart from that, Mike is generally a good manager. He rarely interferes with our jobs unless we're doing something seriously wrong. So far he'd been pleased with my work so I'm told. He's one of those no-nonsense guy and calls a spade a spade. He has years of experience and knows his IT stuff well so I have massive respect for him in that regard. As we chat for the last time this afternoon, I learned that he'll be retiring in Thailand with his wife who secured a job there. Good luck Mike and enjoy yourself in Thailand (I know you will). I should think he had some part in hiring me some time last year so thanks for that too. Au revoir.

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