11 February 2014

The school where I work had recently let their non-teaching staff to borrow books from the library both primary & secondary. So I didn't miss the chance to borrow some books from the library. They let me borrow up to 9 books for about a month and I borrowed 5. Although most of the books at the primary school library are for students below 12, I found out I can also search for books at the secondary school library and somebody will bring them here so I can borrow it. The last 3 books that I borrowed where the Lorien Legacies namely I am Number Four, The Power of Six and The Rise of Nine. Yes, it was the same book that was made into that major motion picture I am Number Four if you haven't already guessed.

The last time I borrowed any book from any library was 10 years ago when I was unemployed. Today I don't have the time and opportunity to go to the national library or any other library to borrow books. Besides, having to finish and return them before 2 weeks is too much trouble for me. Hence when the opportunity arises to borrow books from somewhere near and convenient, I grabbed it. That said, reading books again is quite time consuming and I had trouble fitting it in my busy daily schedule.

My day starts around 6:00 am when my alarm goes off on weekends and I had to leave for work before 7:00 am the latest. If I had to eat breakfast outside, I must leave even earlier. Work starts from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. After work I quickly rush home to jog and work out if I don't have any other errands to run. I usually run until just before 7:00 pm and then rest for a while and had dinner. After that only do I have time to read. That is also when I usually watch any one of hundreds of TV series or movies that I have in my collection or write a few lines here on this blog. Not to mention time for my social network like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I usually retire to bed around midnight if there's no early morning football on TV. The cycle continues the next day.

The only extra time that I have to read books is the weekend, that is if my family and I don't have plans to go anywhere. Perhaps I should borrow fewer books so that I'm not under pressure to finish them before the deadline.

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