23 January 2014

I should write more here.

So here I am.

Did I tell you about last Monday when all 3 of my colleagues decided to take an emergency leave and MC at once? That leaves me all alone doing the job of 4 people the entire day. Imagine me scurrying from one class to another up and down a thousand steps every 20 minutes. I understand one of them need to look after his son that was warded the day before. But the other 2, somehow I doubt they had a real valid reason to be absent. That said, I survived the entire day in one piece, managed to solve 70% of all the day's chores and left the office no later than 5:30 PM. I remember something like this happened once before last year when the other 2 of my colleagues and I were supposedly sick and didn't come to work. Then my other colleague had to do almost everything by himself as well. I guess this is payback time. Actually I'm cool with that. If I'm lucky I'll get that extra performance bonus for my dedication and excellent work (really?).

Two weeks into the new year I've actually lost 2 kilos. Wanna know my secret? A healthy diet and regular exercise. Healthy as in very little rice (a fistful to be exact) and sandwiches for lunch. I had sandwiches or bread for at least 3 times a week at work. Sometimes I just got really tired of sandwiches so I had either tom yam, som tam or some noodles at the restaurant opposite the school. Man I think the prices there had gone up considerably this year. I can't see the menu anywhere so I guess it is true. As for exercise, I've been doing the usual run around the neighborhood. My average distance is 4 to 5 kilometers, sometimes 3 if it rains or I got really tired. Having just sandwich for lunch really affects your energy but you know what they say, no pain no gain brother. Right after running, I'll do some body-weight exercise using nothing but my body and a pair of dumbbells. The afterburn from running plus those heavy-lifting does wonders at removing fat from your body. Go look it up.

Ok I think that's enough blogging for a week. I leave you with this lovely song from Iamneeta and Najwa Latif. As you can see, Najwa is visibly fatter or more chubby in this music video. Must be all the good food she had at Unitar. Why Unitar of all place? To be honest, I think Najwa sings a hundred times better than Neeta. But that's just me.

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