11 January 2014

When my kids were left back home with their grandparent, I thought they'd be really bored without their usual gadgets. So with heavy heart I decided to leave my beloved Nexus 7 tablet with them. 2 months later I returned to find the tablet with its screen protector off and the tablet itself cannot be turned on at all. Apparently my kids had left them lying around on the floor and my daughter had used it as a skateboard.

Naturally I was furious. It took me a week to get the tablet on again and another 20 bucks to replace the screen protector. The tablet is now scratch and chipped off at the edges. It's even a wonder that we still get to use it right now but it did. Asus quality or just pure luck? Whatever it is I'm wary of leaving my precious gadgets with any kids below schooling age ever again.

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