3 January 2014

I'ts been a year since I started working here. Time flies? Sometimes it feels that way. Other times it felt like a snail's crawl. New place, learn new things. After reviewing what I wrote on my other blog, I found out that I have more things that I liked about this new place than I don't. I certainly gained a lot of new benefits and perks working here compared to the negative things. It's just that sometimes, all the negative and bad feelings that I remember seemed to leave a stronger impression on me than the good things.

I know we work in a primary school but that doesn't mean that the management should treat us like one. I understand we have to be punctual and most of the time everybody is punctual except for that one guy. If you ever learnt McGregor's theory X and Y, we are sometimes treated according to Theory X - inherently lazy and avoid work if we can. Although we must admit some of us appears to slack sometimes, most of the time we get the job done. I think we are all adults here and a little bit of trust and faith could go a long way.

And then there's this one guy at work. Since I started working here, he's been absent at least twice a week, sometimes more. I understand if your family member is ill but if it's too often one can't help but think otherwise. Surely you're not the only one capable of taking care of the sick? He's been absent for so many times that he basically used up all his annual leaves, medical leave and HR had to pro-rate his wages based on how many days he actually came. Yet for some unknown reason he's still here. Is it possible that he's so indispensable to my managers that they would just look the other way when his disciplinary records are beyond terrible? Whatever it is, he's set a precedence here where no matter how bad your attendance are, the company will not kick you out. Tell me which other company in the world would tolerate this kind of shenanigans?

Apart from that, I can't think of anything else bad about my new place. My work are not exactly difficult but it could be mind-numbingly tedious and boring at times. Imagine taking stock of the same serial numbers and asset tags over and over again. Honestly, it seems that we could never get the numbers right, ever. I'd rather format a laptop or desktop 50 times over than do another asset-checking again. It's that boring.

That said, you have the accept the fact that you're working for a company and they usually have a set of expectations for you. Often times, those expectations are clearly outlined in the job description so like it or not you'll have to suck it up and deal with it.

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