12 January 2014

When my manager picked me to standby at work this Sunday, I was understandably pissed off at first. T remember being the last guy who volunteered to come to work on weekend so why can't she pick another colleague over me? Then I thought my colleagues has in fact been staying back late all through the week and I've been going home on the dot to run and exercise so I'd be quite selfish to let her pick one of them instead. So I just calm down and accept my fate as it is. So I came to work this morning doing what I'm supposed to do. Setting up 3 notebooks for the regional interviews in the office. It involves the very complicated work of turning on the 3 notebooks and plugging them to the power socket. I don't know how'd they do it without me.

But it's not all doom and gloom for me today. For one thing, my wife also had to work today and she's bringing the kids to work the whole day so I shouldn't miss today so much. Then after setting up the notebooks, I had all the free time in the world for myself. So I read some books and browse the Internet while listening to music the entire day. Lunch was also provided and I also get to sample the food provided for the guests. All that and I get paid extra at the end of the day. What's there not to like about working on weekends here?

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