12 December 2014

When my wife started following me hiking, we went up the popular Broga hill trail in Semenyih. Back then she was not very fit and was out of breath even only at the foot of the hill. We had to stop a few times so that she could rest and catch her breath before going up again.

That was then, a dozen mountains later my wife is not a hiking noob anymore. Any mountain I do, she can do it as well. We even climbed the difficult Gunung Nuang together last time without any fuss. So when I went up Tabur East again this weekend, I thought my wife is more than ready to try this moderately challenging hill. Yes the climb was steep, there were sharp rocks everywhere and she didn’t go as fast as I did but she managed to complete it without any problem. Definitely a much better improvement than that first time in Broga. Seriously, I think now there’s no mountain high enough that she can’t climb. So proud of you babe, that’s my girl!

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