1 September 2015

Can you feel the pressure in the air? I certainly can. It was nearing the end of the summer break, lots of work yet to be finished. At the same time most of the IT staff have yet to utilize their annual leaves. So they took it on the last few days before the school reopens. Did I mention there’s still lots to be done?

It all comes to poor planning in my opinion. We have about 2 months to get ready. We could have got things moving as soon as the school closes. There should have been a timeline of things to done and when you should finish it. The new equipments and computers should have been ordered ages ago and arrives early so we can set them up within the 2 months summer break period. But no, due to bureaucracy we only got most of the new stuff on the last week of the holiday. And they expect us to get them ready next week. 2-3 weeks of work to be done in less than 4 days, what do they think we are? Robots?

Still in spite of all that, we still managed to finish most of the jobs assigned to us. Even if it we had to stay back till late in the evening to do it. Even if it means we had to forfeit some of our remaining annual leaves. Yes our holiday rights were literally robbed from us. I can still remember the abject feeling of having to let go one annual leave and furthermore forced to come to work on your day off all because of the poor planning on the management’s part. Let the record state that I truly detest being forced to come to work on my day off. I fucking swear it won’t happen ever again. I’m not paid well enough for this kind of shit.

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