1 November 2015

One fine Sunday afternoon, I was making my way to Pandah Indah in KL to buy some IT equipments for my customer on my bike. My cheap secondhand Modenas Krisstar bike is not exactly in tip top condition. The engine sounded terrible and the piston is making this loud knocking sound whenever it’s running. Why don’t I fix it? Well the cost naturally. Last time I did an overhaul of the engine it cost me over 700 ringgit. Therefore as you can see, I dread the thought of spending another 700 ringgit fixing my bike just to do it again 2 years later. So I kept delaying and postponing doing something about my bike until that fateful Sunday afternoon when it died on me somewhere in the middle of Pandan Jaya.

Lucky for me the bike went dead just next to an LRT station. So I slowly pushed my bike aside and parked it near the station. Since it’s near Kampong Pandan I had only one person in mind to call — my good friend Fadzir Aziz. I didn’t have any luck the first 5 times calling him though cause he didn’t pick up the phone but as I was mulling leaving my bike overnight at the station and picking it up later, my call got through and Fadzir came to the rescue. He pushed my bike with his to his place and then drop me off at another LRT station. I shudder to think what would happen to my bike had I left it in Pandan Jaya overnight. Most probably it’ll lose a tyre or two. Fadzir Aziz is a fine example of a friend in need. I don’t have many of those but I’m sure am glad of the ones I have.

So now I’m left without a transportation mode to work. I had this contingency plan in my head though. To borrow my brother’s bike who had just been posted to Sabah. He was kind enough to let me borrow his bike so that evening my wife and I went to his house in Rinching and took the bike home. It rained all the way from Rinching to Taman Puncak Jalil and since I didn’t bring any rain coat, got drenched through and through.

Am I ever going to fix my bike? Most probably not. I doubt it’s worth the cost. I’d rather buy another bike altogether. I had applied for loans from a few banks this week and let’s see which one got through.

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