1 March 2011

Have I told you the time when my car broke down by the highway? No? Well that's because it just happened this morning. We had just finished dropping of the kids at their school and nursery and took the exit near Sierra 16 when I saw smoke coming out of the front bonnet. A quick glance at the temperature meter showed it was over the roof. So I quickly stopped by the roadside heading to Cyberjaya to see what's wrong.

When I opened the hood, my coolant tank was completely dry. I swear I regularly checked them like once every 2 or 3 weeks. So I called a few people and they said to wait until the temperature goes down a bit before attempting to drive again. So my wife and I sat there for like an hour or so with our hazards light watching people heading to Cyberjaya/Putrajaya/Serdang/KLIA/Kajang drove by. Truly a classic moment. To be honest, I'm just glad none of those pesky tow trucks came by to offer us 'help'. When the car sufficiently cooled down, I poured 2 liters of water into the tank and cautiously drove the car to a Proton workshop in Equine Park. In the end, we had the radiator fan motor changed for RM300+ including labor. Even then the mechanic managed to screw up the car's wiring causing the hazard light to turn on and off occasionally. File this one under shit always happens if you buy a Proton and after it turns 5 years old.