28 February 2011

Today we had an appointment at Pantai Cheras Hospital near Kuala Lumpur for Linda's maternity check. After having both our previous children born at Putrajaya Hospital, we decided to try someplace new. Don't get me wrong, Putrajaya was excellent for a government hospital. It's just Pantai Hospital is better. Last time Adam was admitted at Pantai Hospital Bangsar, we received preferential treatment from the doctors, nurses and staff there. The place was great and the food was outstanding. We thought we wanted to have that same hospitality nearer to home in Cheras.

After waiting for over an hour for the Guarantee Letter to be ready, we finally get to see the obstetrician for Linda. He did a very thorough check on my wife and set the dates for our fortnightly appointment. If everything goes well, we shall welcome our second daughter on the 17th of May this year. What's more, she will be born in the same city as I am. Can't hardly wait.