19 February 2011

You can say I'm pretty much a regular customer at R.S Auto in Puchong, a Proton Savvy/Renault specialist workshop. In fact I have put up a glowing review of this workshop on my blog which provided direction and answers to numerous Proton Savvy owners around the country whose having problems with their ride.

I send my car for regular service there every time and this year alone I went there twice already. The last time to change my brake pads which costs RM110.00 a set. Yeah they still charge a reasonable price for their labor and parts. It's only that their service had gone from friendly to indifference. I went there bright and early in the morning, around 10:00 AM when the place has just opened. No one else was there yet, I'm the only customer and yet they don't even cared to say hi or greet me, their returning and paying customer. Mr. Ho, the head mechanic doesn't give a hoot about you anymore. Most of the time he'll past all the work to his crews. I wonder if he does anything at all.

If I had it my way, I would like to take my car elsewhere to somebody who cares or at least give some semblance of courtesy. The only thing stopping me from visiting some generic Proton workshop is their exorbitant fees. Perhaps R.S Auto has got so successful, they've drown in their glory. R.S Auto sucks. The place is filthy and the service is dreadful. I'm not recommending this place to anyone again.