3 February 2011

Since I have a rather limited annual leave at work, I have to make the most of these back to back public holidays. Today for example we went to Manjung in Perak to visit my sister in law and their new home. I thought being Chinese New Year day, the roads and highways should be clear of vehicle since yesterday was supposed to be the rush hour. Wrong. Apparently everybody took the opportunity to go sightseeing and everything today. The (paid) highway was jammed from Tanjung Malim all the way to Bidor where we exited. Should have taken the free trunk road instead.

Anyway, Linda's sister moved into their new terrace home late last year. It only costs 140,000 ringgit in Manjung, a price that would be impossible to find here in the Klang Valley. On top of that she spent 14K renovating the house not including furniture and everything. In a way, government civil servants are so lucky because banks are more than willing to give out loans to them. It doesn't matter if you're a gardener or headmaster. Of course after spending so much, the house looked really beautiful inside out. Wish we could have that much money to spend (or borrow).