26 February 2011

This morning Adam followed his grandma to her school to witness a chess competition. He didn't actually took part in the competition, just attending as a spectator. A couple of school in the Petaling district took part in the competition including his own school. When one of the contestant didn't make it, my Mom decided to enter Adam into the competition.

Now Adam did played chess before, a couple of time with me at home but he loses every time. His lifetime playing experience was like 12 times with all losses. So when my Mom talked Adam into playing chess there it was like throwing him into a lion's den. First game he lost. Still okay. But when he the second time, he got so frustrated and sad, he cried there and then. I had to rush to the school and drag him into the car crying and wailing. I know my Mom meant well but Adam is absolutely not ready for any competition, at least not right now. Who knows he might be future world champion but at the moment, he needs practice, lots of it.