8 February 2011

There are 3 barbers/saloon to choose from for guys if you live in Taman Puncak Jalil. There's NS Hair Saloon and ShanM barber shop both located just next to MyMydin and Firzana restaurant. NS Hair Saloon is a one man show run by a mamak (presumably) and ShanM is run by a two man show. Since I moved here I've been going to NS Hair Saloon to get my hair shaved. For 10 ringgit he will shave my head clean with a razor blade and I get some free head and back massage from the man after every cut.

Today though there was a queue (like 2 people waiting) at NS so I decided to try ShanM instead next door. So he proceeded to shave my hair with what looks like a used razor blade, something I only noticed halfway through the job. When he's done I get no free back message but instead I get a few cuts on top of my head from his clumsy workmanship. To further add insult to my injury, he charged me 12 ringgit for his lousy job. Needless to say I have no intention of going back there ever again. Pray I don't get HIV or something horrible.

The other barber shop in Taman Puncak Jalil is run by a Malay dude named Rahman. Unfortunately I never get to try his service because he seemed to be missing all the time whenever I visit despite the sign showing OPEN. Maybe he's shy of me or something.