24 February 2011

3 weeks ago my beautiful and expensive Apple keyboard decided to pawn me and suddenly stopped working. I have no idea what happened. It was working fine one day and the next day when I came home from work it just stopped responding.

Since it's still under warranty, I sent the keyboard to an authorized Apple Service Center at Machines, The Gardens Mid Valley. The first week I called to ask for my keyboard and the service technician said something about me spilling water on that thing of which I vehemently denied. My wife can testify how well I handled the keyboard at home. Didn't even let my kids touch it. Then they said they're going to do more checks but I didn't hear from them until 2 weeks later when I myself took the initiative to call them again. This time they said they're waiting for the replacement parts which should arrive this week. By then I was clearly unhappy with their snail-paced service so I gave them a few good word for their incompetence. Only after that they called and emailed me to apologize. Yesterday I got a call from them saying my brand new keyboard is ready. Yes, Apple decided to replace my broken keyboard with a new one. So yesterday evening I went to The Gardens to pick up my shiny new keyboard. Moral of the story: Machines sucks, Apple is cool and keep the receipts for all your purchases.

This keyboard is so good, I can't bring myself to use any other types of keyboard anymore. So now only I can resume all my long delayed home works and assignments.