30 January 2011

Today is my friend's/classmate Saiful Nizam's wedding day. As we are quite close in class, I simply had to go to his wedding which is incidentally our first wedding invitation for this year. It rained today from morning till the evening. That of course didn't stop us from going to the wedding.

We left home around 2:00 in the afternoon. About a mile from home, I forgot to bring my camera with me. So we turned back to pick up the camera. Then halfway through the journey, Adam had a bad tummy ache and he accidentally soiled his pants. We had to stop at Tesco Extra near Cheras to buy him a new pair of pants. By that time it was already 3 o' clock. Since it is raining today, traffic condition along MRR2 was as bad as a regular work day. It took as an hour to get to Batu Caves. When we finally made it there it was already 4:15 PM and the caterers wasted no time packing their stuff to go home. Well, at least we did get to see the bride and the groom. He was sorry that we missed the food but I told him we'd be surprised if we didn't. In the end we detoured to Pantai Dalam and had nasi lemak at Warung Rindu. Congratulations to my friend Saiful Nizam. Don't stay up too late ya tonight!