1 January 2011

Today like any other public holiday throughout the year, I decided to do the most productive thing I can that is stay at home and clean the house. I don't usually go to shopping malls or public places unless it is absolutely necessary.

There's some get together and potluck dinner at my apartment tonight but Mia is not feeling well so we decided to skip this one. She threw up three times this evening, once in the car. The doctor said she had a temperature and a fever. Poor girl. She didn't even play her favorite game Fruit Ninja today.

By the way, from today onwards I won't be using my 017 3487709 number anymore. You guys can contact me at my other 019 number. I kept getting my calls barred using that number because I can't seem to pay my bills on time. My payment schedule had been erratic these past few months. Anyway, you should get a text from me with the new number by now.