11 January 2011

Okay class, today we are going to take a look at my working table. It is just a plain old second hand table but since I work here every day, 5 days a week it means something special to me.

1. I bought this fern plant from Jusco for RM13.00 exactly on January 1st. The last two plants that I brought to my office died under mysterious circumstances. It's been 12 days now. I do hope this one would last.

2. This pretty desktop calendar is given by Nadia Comot.

3. This is my Alderaan Ubuntu server. It contains many wonderful and magical things!

4. My underpowered yet reliable second hand Dell SX260 all in one desktop PC. Although it only runs on a 2.0GHz P4 processor and 1GB RAM it still manage to get my my work done everyday.

5. This is the card that my wife gave me for my 30th birthday. Thanks darling.

6. This is the Raya card that Adam wrote for my colleagues, believe it or not.

7. Yes my desk is always tidy and not just this one time for show.

8.Even my tray is unusually tidy.

9. The first check that I wrote using my check book. 500 ringgit deposit for grill installation for our house.

10. I love my place near the window. Hope the rumors that we'll had to move upstairs is not true.

11. I also have a photo of Steve Jobs somewhere on my desk you know, for motivation :)