22 January 2011

It's been nearly 7 months since we moved here to Casa Riana apartment. All that while, we've been delaying payments for our maintenance fees. We thought it was the least of our priorities so it always come last in our monthly budget and sometimes we just skipped the payment altogether. The thing is when it's time to renew our parking lot car stickers, we had to settle all our outstanding arrears beforehand. Else we might not be permitted entry with our car into our very own home. I know that sucks but that's one way the maintenance company get to make all the owners pay up their maintenance fees. That said, I can see about a quarter of the tenants here has yet to change their old car stickers and the due date is set until the end of this month. It is interesting to see what happens when that day comes. I'm sure tempers will flare and all hell will break lose.

Lucky for me my lovely wife sacrificed to settle all the outstanding arrears so we can come home in peace and not get bugged by the security guards every other day asking to change our sticker. We drove down to the management office in Pandan Jaya to pay 5 months worth of bills. What would I do without her. One thing for sure I will vote to change the management company once their contract is up. RM143 is bloody expensive to pay for an apartment of our size.