6 January 2011

Into the Wild is a movie based on a true story about one Chris McCandless who after graduating with honors from a university, ceased all communication with his family, gave away all his savings and began traveling across America to Alaska. With virtually no money in his pocket, Chris made his journey mainly by hitchhiking, on a freight train, by kayak and just walking. When he needed to eat or buy supplies, Chris would do odd jobs or work part time for a while just to get by. Two years after he started his journey, Chris made it to Alaska and began his journey into the harsh Alaskan wilderness. Ill-equipped of supplies and his seemingly bad luck with nature, Chris McCandless died of starvation after spending more than a hundred days in the wild.

Very few films had managed to leave a deep, touching impression on my life and Into the Wild is one of them. Whether Chris is a selfish person and a complete idiot for cutting communication with everybody and journeying into the wild with very little provision or he is an adventurer who lived his dreams is still open for debate. For one thing this movie made me realize that life is not all about fame and fortune and material things. It's about living your dream through a journey of discovery. About how life is short and you'll never know when your last day will be and of course like Chris few final writing said - happiness is only real when shared. Definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen all my life.