9 January 2011

My first class for the 4th semester for my Diploma in Information Management starts today. For the past 3 years we've been meeting at UiTM International Education Center (INTEC) campus in section 17 in Shah Alam. Starting this senester however, class will be held at our very own Faculty of Information Management at Puncak Perdana. Since the new class is further away than before, I've decided to car pool there with my classmate who happens to live just nearby. We'll be taking turns driving there every class so that we can save cost and petrol.

The Puncak Perdana campus although rather far, has better facilities like classrooms with projectors and enough desks for example and complete labs for each related subjects. I can even see my company's name posted on most of the desks in the labs because we did supply and install many of the computers here some 7-8 years ago. Needless to say I must simply study harder and earlier if I want to improve my current 3.6 CGPA. That said, we have two subjects without final examinations this time although assignments and projects will still be plentiful. 2 of them are related to IT and my job description so I have no excuse but to excel this semester. So as I always, good bye blog. Time to study again.