21 March 2011

As you all know, school's off all last week. Since we were too broke/lazy to send the kids back home like everybody else, Adam and Mia spent much of the short break at the nursery. Yes we are terrible parents. Anyway, we asked Adam if he has any home works to do during the holidays to which he said no which is rather surprising/suspicious you might say.

So yesterday was Monday, and school started again. By the time we dropped him off at his school that morning, Adam seemed reluctant to leave the car. As you can see in the picture above he was stuck to the door and ready to cry. When we asked what's wrong he said he was afraid that his teacher would scold him again. So I walked him to the school meaning to ask his teacher personally but then his teacher is absent today. By then Adam was already crying and when I wanted to approach him he started running away. In the end Adam skipped school altogether yesterday. So we sent him to the nursery instead where once again he started to run away again. Apparently he was mortified of Cikgu Bab, one of the staff at the nursery. This time I had to literally run to catch him and carry him kicking and screaming to the nursery. In the end, we didn't have the heart to leave him crying and howling there so Linda decided to take the day off and stay with the kids at home.

I always thought parenthood was never easy but I never thought it would be this hard. Upon further inspection we found out that Adam just didn't finish his home work, that's why he was afraid to go to school yesterday. Come on man. I also didn't finish my home work some times but I went to school anyway despite the fact that my teacher will cane my butt merciless in front of the class or at least stand on my chair/outside the class for the entire period. If you did something wrong, be a man and face the consequences. Just how long you think you can run away or avoid it anyway?

This morning I was preparing for the worst. Thankfully Adam walked casually to class today without much drama. Adam Farihin, you are full of surprises.