28 July 2011

Today my wife resumes her work again after 3 whole months of maternity leave. Like our 2 previous maternity leaves, we need to send the kids to a nursery who will look after them while we go earn a living. And with each new children we had to pay extra to the nursery. So if any one of us doesn't get a pay increase, a new children would mean a little less money to take home every month. Yes I know, every child comes with his or her own rezeki but if you're going to leave all that to fate and don't work harder, that's irresponsible and dumb.
Actually one of our neighbor offered to take care of litte Hana & Mia, for a fee of course. We were excited of the idea of leaving them to someone nearer but when she quoted a monthly fee of 500 bucks plus a month deposit in advance, we said thanks but no, thanks. We didn't mind paying a little bit extra for the convenience but whatever you need the deposit for? It's not like we're gonna run away in the middle of the night or something. We bought this house and we're your neighbor for God's sake. I think she got the wrong advice for her other neighbors. Oh well, your loss.

First day back at the nursery, Mia was rather moody and touchy. Maybe because most of her old friends has left. I'm sure she'll get better over time.