9 July 2011

Another call for electoral reforms, another rally in the city, another show of police brutality. All we wanted was a free & fair election and they treated the rally goers like some cold-blooded criminals. I dreamed of a day when the authorities treat people with respect & professionalism. Where the police would assist the crowd & control traffic instead of spraying chemical-laced water & firing tear gas canisters at innocent and harmless civilians, you know like in developed countries. Forget about vision 2020, Malaysians would be lucky if we don't go the way of Myanmar. At least the government of Myanmar never pretended to be a democracy. If our election process is so transparent & clean and not rigged, why does the government has to be so scared of meeting those 8 tiny (but significant) electoral demands? It is an open secret that the opposition was never afforded a fair playing field in any elections big or small. That is why we need Bersih, to make the playing field level and let the people chose the best persons to lead the government.
While I didn't personally join the rally, I tried my very best to create & build up awareness of the event for my friends whether in real world or in Facebook or Twitter. That's why I never rejected any request to be friends on Facebook, all 4. If I can enlighten at least a few dozens of them to realize the wrongs of this government and how they have taken us for a ride for the last 5 decades or so, that would be a success of their own. My prayers & salute goes out to all 50,000 odds Malaysian who braved the police, road blocks, rain, tear gas & so many other obstacles to ensure that their voice are heard. You guys will forever be remembered as the real heroes, the ones who dares to act and make a difference. If Bersih 1.0 managed to capture 5 states for the opposition, I can't wait to see how 2.0 would influence the next general election. Judging by the number of crowd on the streets today, I predict the future is bright for all of us.