27 March 2012

Would work at a place that pays you shitload of money but you'll have to do something that you don't really like or interested in or would you work at a place that pays you average salary but you get extreme satisfaction doing something you love?

My thought exactly.

If you follow my tweets, you should notice that I recently said how unhappy I am at work. I don't usually said stuff like this here on my blog before you know since my previous employer reads my blog and some of my posts did touched some raw nerves before but that was then. Now although I doubt my current employer reads this blog, the truth is it has come to the point that I don't care anymore. Boss, if you are reading this hello! Hope you'll understand.

I am very grateful for everything you have done for me. The generous pay, the patience and everything. The thing is I can't exactly say the same about my job. I don't like it. You may call me a good for nothing lazy slacker but PLC and industrial automation is just not my thing. I'd rather be freezing my ass in a server room or spent hours fixing computers or at least learn how to program. Those are the things that I enjoy. And that thing with the MOF? It's not my fault that the officers hated me for lodging a complaint to their boss. It's what you expected me to do. It's not my fault that government officers are a bunch of seriously lazy, fat bureaucrats. You should know better by now. The government officers, they have their own ways of doing things. The truth is I just pissed them off really bad with my report so now they want me to suffer by delaying our application and site visit. And one more thing, you can't settle every problem with lunch or a cup of coffee. Unless of course there's some money transfer involved during that meeting.

So here I am very stressed and going out of my mind. You don't see that because on the outside I'm just my old relaxed and cool self. I hide my emotions well. I lash them out with words. Like here.

There may come a day that I become seriously tired and disillusioned with all this shit that I might just walk away from all this. There's more to life than money, company trips, bonuses and commissions. The only thing that's standing in the way of that is my monthly bills and mortgage.

Someday, who knew.

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  1. Kerja adalah sebahagian dari hidup kita..Tak kerja, takde duit..Takde duit, camne nak hidup? Hidup takkan rasa sempurna kalau kerja yg dibuat tak rasa enjoy. Gaji yg tinggi, duit yg banyak, memang satu bonus..Tapi kalau tak rasa gembira dan stress tiap masa, still ada kekurangan nya. Sebab tu ada sesetengah orang boleh stay lama kat sesebuah syarikat walau dibayar gaji rendah, coz dia rasa bahagia kerja kat situ dan gaji tu masih mampu menampung hidup dia. Semoga u dapat bersabar dan jumpa pekerjaan yg betul2 menepati taste u..Habiskan study, kejar impian hidup. Good luck!