6 March 2012

My new work requires me to deal with a lot of factories and plants including TNB, the country's national power provider. To be able to work for them, we are required to attend this occupational safety and health induction course where we sit for a test and if we pass, gets this passport for entry card into any of their premises and plants. So my company paid for the course fees and I get my ass to the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health in Bangi for the course.

The course itself was pretty boring but yet gave me a useful introduction and insight into some important occupational safety stuff. The speaker Mr Affandi tried his best to engage us with his talk, cracking jokes, telling stories and stuff to keep us interested and not fall asleep. Overall I think we enjoyed ourselves throughout the course especially when there's more than enough entertainment provided by Mr Affandi and also some clowns, I mean fellow participants of the course.

The only complaint I have is of course the mediocre food. After paying 250 per head per day, I'd expect a more delicious food from the organizer. Not fancy restaurant delicious food but at least some thing we all like to eat at home kind of food. Breakfast and lunch at NIOSH basically reminds me of the dreadful food I had for 5 years at boarding school.

The highlight of the course was of course the test itself. In the morning, they made us sit for this trial test which looks pretty similar to the actual test later in the afternoon. The actual test contains 20 questions which revolves around what was written in the module and also topics that the speaker has been lecturing all day. If you read the book or at least paid some attention to the speaker, you'd have no problem answering and getting at least 12 corrects to pass. Well, I for once am very confidence of passing this test since I paid attention and read through the book twice. We'll know in a couple of days.

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