20 May 2012

There's always that one family member that is well off from the rest of the family you know, your siblings, uncle, cousin, in laws or whoever. Between my four siblings, it's my sister who works as a teacher. Who knew being a teacher can make loads of money. Or perhaps get better chance to have their loans approved.

Last week most of my family members who resides around Klang Valley came to her new place in Bandar Bukit Raja, Klang for her house-warming of sort. Being new and all of course it's a nice place. Not as big as some accountant's house I know but still it's a lot bigger than mine. I don't know why but when people mention Klang all that came up to mind is thugs, crooks, gangsters, cheap tires, tolls and overpriced fish barbecues. It's not the first place that I want to spend the rest of my life at.

Anyway, I don't envy or jealous of my sister or anything. She and her husband worked hard for it and they deserved everything that they have today. One thing for sure it made me want to be successful just like them. Yeah success is measured by how big your house is and how much money you make. Happiness and everything else is just secondary.

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