12 December 2012

I woke up this morning to find the window to my car smashed to bits by an unknown assailant. He must be cursing his luck though because the most valuable item in my car is probably my stapler, which he left untouched. Although my car's window is covered by insurance, the hassle of going to the workshop to replace it and that awful feeling of being violated still suck. I hope you will realize that your line of work is heinous and change before it's too late. And to think that the same thing could happen again to any one of us who parks outside the gate. That suck too but c'est la vie.

In other news last week I went for an interview at Alice Smith School next door in Equine Park. Yes that elusive Alice Smith school that you see on signboards everywhere around town but you have no idea where it is or how it looks like. To be honest I applied for a job there via Jobstreet like 2 months ago so I was quite surprised when they call me up for an interview last week.

The interview went well. They asked me all sort of questions, technical, personal, analytical. At the end of it I got the feeling that it went quite well. They even said that I'm actually over-qualified for the job. But then again, I had that same feeling during that last interview I went to in Shah Alam. I didn't get that one though. So I guess when you got the same credentials and qualification it all boils down to luck sometimes. Some people may have a perfect 4.0 CGPA but they might lack experience. Some has an abundance of experience but they may lack communication skill like English. Everything else equal it might just depend on whether the interviewer likes you or not and how you present yourself during the interview.

I suppose the interviewer likes me or something because yesterday I got a call from Alice Smith school HR saying that they are delighted to offer me this IT guy post at their school in KL. You see, Alice Smith has one primary campus in Jalan Bellamy and another secondary campus here in Equine Park. Of course I'd wished that they could let me work here but I can be really demanding right about now right? So Jalan Bellamy it is. The pay is okay and I get to work with those beautiful little children. What more could I ask?

So next month I'll be commuting to KL 5 days a week. I imagine the traffic around TUDM and Jalan Istana would be horrendous and I'll probably have to leave for work at around 6:30 or something.

I finally got a real job and everything is right again with this universe.