24 December 2012

Yesterday my family and I made an impromptu visit to Malacca. My in-laws went to a wedding in Muar and afterwards they stayed at a home stay in Bukit Beruang. I had a taste of the infamous Nilai-Seremban traffic jam yesterday. Traffic crawled for hours and it was so bad that I decided to turn around and take the Lekas highway instead. We still had a minor crawl in Seremban but is not as bad as along the PLUS highway. I can't imagine people going through this jam every other weekend.

My Papago app has never failed to show me the correct way to any place before but yesterday it directed me to Lubuk China when I was actually looking for Bukit Beruang. We got lost for an hour looking for the right way to the homestay. Moral of the story: trust your GPS but also ask for directions. The homestay house that we stayed was very nice and comfortable. It was a semi-d terrace house with 4 air-conditioned rooms, partly furnished kitchen, Astro in the living room and broadband Internet some more. And for just RM250 per night I would really recommend this place to everyone.

The next day, obviously since we're already in Malacca, we must visit some of the attractions there. Again we had to go through another hour of traffic jam just to get to the city center. Weekends and school holiday is a recipe for real headache in Malacca. Remind me not to come to Malacca during those two times again in the future.

Nevertheless we did made it to Banda Hilir and the ladies had some fun time shopping at Medan Samudera. This time I've known better than to park my car haphazardly and invite summons from traffic cop or city hall. I am yet to pay my last MBBM summons of four years ago and I have no intention of adding another one now. After lunch at the craft center we visited the Flor de lar mar replica ship. It was a huge ship but honestly there wasn't anything much to see except for a compressed version of Malacca's history. The ship doesn't even float on water. I wanted to see Jonker Walk next but my kids pestered me to go see A Famosa instead. I didnt really get to observe or enjoy much of the attractions there because I was too preoccupied with looking after those naughty little brats. I guess I'll have to come again next time when we have sent all of them to boarding school.

Traffic at night is only slightly better than during the day. The irony is we are probably part of the cause for these never-ending traffic jam in Malacca. Me and thousands other tourists who come to see this Unesco world heritage site. It's a mixed blessing I guess. On one hand these tourist are responsible for contributing income to the state coffers but on the other hand causes massive jams almost every weekend.

Malacca is very interesting and stuff but I really could do without the traffic jam.

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