19 July 2013

Remember the time when I was hit by a car from behind by a car on my bike? No? Well that's because I haven't told you yet. I was riding my bike to work as usual that Friday morning and while I was slowing down at the traffic light before TPM, a car was going to fast and I guess didn't manage to brake and hit my bike. Fortunately for me I wasn't thrown off the bike or get killed or anything. In fact I just lunged forward a few meters forward from the impact while still sitting on the bike, engine still running and all. The cowardly car drive just speed off leaving me inspecting my damages. Which is again thankfully not much. Only broke my exhaust which I was still able to ride to work and back.

The replacement exhaust cost me a dear RM85. That's nothing compared to my life of course. It was quite hard finding a replacement exhaust for my Krisstar and the one available had a price tag of R150 and above. Somehow I found a workshop near home who managed to modify a regular Kriss exhaust to be fitted to my bike. Now my bike sounds like a 500 cc Virago. I guess I was given the chance to celebrate Raya at least one more time this year. Had the car been slightly faster you wouldn't be reading this today. This goes to show also no matter how careful or slow you drive, there's always an inconsiderate dickhead out there waiting to hit you from behind.

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