31 July 2013

This fasting month I'm happy to report that I lost a few kilos and my ass shrunk.

Life is good. At least so much better than last year. The school term (3rd term) ended a few weeks ago with all the kids and teachers leaving the school, going for a summer holiday somewhere nice presumably. If you can afford to send your kids here, you'd definitely can afford a holiday anywhere you want. Although the rest of us non-teaching staff had to come to work as usual this school holidays, at least we get to come work half an hour later and leave half an hour earlier. That means we only work from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm which is not long at all. Despite the school holiday, most of the staff including my colleagues and I have tons of work lined up for us every day. There's PC and IT peripherals to store and deploy. Windows and Mac to format and re-image. Simply said, there's no slacking around for us. Each and every minute of our working hours is truly put to good use.

That said, other than the end of the semester, the month of July also signals the end of financial year for the school. And you know very well what that means, bonuses for everybody. It is safe to say that everyone who works here gets their fair share of bonus, small or big depends on how well you do on your appraisal and work performance. Me, I only worked for 6 months here but I still get my share of bonus albeit prorated since I am still new. A little bonus is definitely better than no bonus at all and it's been a long time since I last got my bonus from any company. At least I get to renew my car's insurance and road tax this year. Last year my wife had to take out a staff loan to renew the insurance. Last year when I was doing odd jobs without any real work. This year it's pay back time. Although not much, this year my wife get to go shopping for some new clothes instead.

In slightly over a week's time we'll be celebrating Hari Raya (Eid) in Pasir Mas. I started my Raya holidays the day before Raya but my wife didn't get to leave work until the very last day. Usually we leave for home a few days earlier to avoid the annual exodus. This time around we're not so lucky. Chances are we might only get home to Pasir Mas on the morning of Hari Raya. We'll see how it goes. A week to go and I'm actually excited to go back for Raya this time. Can't wait for the 7th of July to come. No mood to go to work already. You can almost smell the ketupat and fire crackers in the air. These are the good times.

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