13 May 2010

Help I'm lost in this huge cobwebs on my blog!

The exam finals are finally over last week. I think I did pretty well for the English and computer papers. The other 2, not so confident because they were pretty difficult. Do they really expect us to remember everything in the book for the 3 hours exam? Of course I think I'll pass but just pass is not good enough for me. So now is kinda my semester holidays except that I had to work hu hu.

Apart from work, I've also been kept busy on our new home. I have ordered our iron grills and contacted our trusted chargeman. Tomorrow they will install the grill. Next week we can start moving little by little. God, there's like a million things on my to do list. Hopefully this would be the 2nd last time we ever move homes.

The final time would be to our dream bungalow in Putrajaya he he.