29 May 2010

Friday was Wesak day and a public holiday here in Selangor and some other parts of Malaysia. I took this opportunity to wash my car for the last time at Taman Universiti. Living in an apartment, I don't know when I'll get to wash the car for free next.

Two days is definitely not enough to pack all our stuff. Although we've been steadily sending a lot of our stuff there all through the month, we still find there's a lot of things yet to be packed. The movers came around 10:30 AM while we're still busy packing stuff. There were altogether 3 of them with one 5 tonne lorry. Lucky for us since it's a huge lorry, we loaded most of our stuff in on the lorry for a one trip journey. Apart from them, my 2 brother in laws also dropped by to help. We finished the entire exercise about 3 hours later. As of tonight we are still unpacking and organizing our stuff at the new place. I think it might as well take a week before we are trully settled here.

Needless to say we're all so tired. Our 2 year old Mia was really stressed with everything, getting in everybody's way and knocking into stuff.