1 May 2010

Today I brought Adam for his first visit to the movies. I booked everything online at the TGV website 2 days in advance. It's cheaper and more convenient that way. 1 adult plus 1 children early bird ticket for only RM14.00 at TGV The Mines. Other cinemas like 1Utama and MidValley sold those Iron Man 2 ticket for 14 ringgit a piece.

I remembered my first visit to the movies was 21 years ago. My Dad brought me and my siblings to Komtar in his home town in Penang. He brought us to eat at Pizza Hut for the first time ever and I still remembered how good they were and how my brother Faiz spilled drink onto them in the end. Then we went to watch a Malay flick, Driving School. It was horrible. I don't remember who the actors were but the point is, it sucks big time. Still the experience was unforgettable until this very day.

Adam was very excited of course prior to today's visit. He woke up bright and early this morning and for the past few days, he even behaved himself and actually listened to our orders. I can say Iron Man 2 is a good movie. Adam obviously was awed by all the special effects. He said the 'TV' is way bigger than ours at home.

After that we had some donuts and had lunch at Old Town White Coffee. Don't be mislead by his lack of enthusiasm showed in the picture. He is really excited inside.