22 May 2010

As with every new home, one has to install lamps and fans and fix up wiring and stuff. Some of my neighbours here renovated their entire house especially the kitchen. Us, we'd start with some basic lights and fans first. I asked a colleague of mine who happens to be a chargeman for help with the wiring. His price was RM1300 for the whole house. Wow, that was like my entire gross pay for last month. Honestly, we just wanna install some lights, fans and a few power points, not turn it into a mansion. Thanks but I think I'll pass.

Then my father-in-law who was in town offered to help with the wiring. People sleepy given pillow, I accepted his offer with open arms. So all last week we worked together day and night. I did most of the hard work like drilling and screwing with his instructions. He did all the wiring and stuff. Never knew drilling holes in the wall is one heck of a job. After drilling like 3 dozens holes my hands and feet were all numb and there's a loud ringing in my ears for hours. No wonder people pay others to do this kind of stuff.

Anyway everything is almost finished now. We'll be moving in next Saturday.