11 December 2011

Last month I got 4 free movie tickets from those kind people at Nuffnang for my birthday. Today I finally get to see a movie with my wife at TGV The Mines. Early in the morning we visited my Mom who just came back from Mecca, left Hana with her and went on to watch the hottest movie on the screen today, Ombak Rindu with an all-star assemble such as Aaron Aziz, Maya Karin and Lisa Surihani. The movie was adapted from a Malay novel of the same name which I haven't read (or plan to). Overall it was a good movie really. Filled with tragedy, love and ultimately a happy ending.

That said some people seems to have an issue with the movie. Utusan for example ran a full-length review condemning the movie as useless garbage. Former MTV VJ turned actor/host Wardina also seemed to think that this move would set a bad precedent to Muslims, especially the youth in the country. Aaron Aziz never prays (what do you expect? He's Singaporean) and Maya Karin seemed to enjoy being pimped by her captors. The thing about arguing with these so-called pious people is you can't really win against them. Simply because they're on the right side. God's gift to humankind. If they're so holy, what business do they have showing up on TV every day especially TV3, mother of all slanders and lies?

If it wasn't for the fact that Ombak Rindu did so well and many people were singing praises about the movie, I doubt any people would rise up and launch a crusade against it. It's a movie for goodness' sake. Purely for entertainment. Nobody's perfect on the silver screen let alone in real life. A bunch of hypocrites that's what you are. If you think this movie is bad then stop going to the cinema or stop watching another movie, ever. All of them are shit and worthless anyway. Stay at home or join a tabligh like my brother. If you're so holy and good, be consistent. Not whack a decent & completely harmless movie and then go on a date with your boyfriend. Holy people shouldn't be dating. Be more like PAS. They consistently fight to uphold the tenets of Islam. No matter if it draws the ire of some section of the community. At least they're not hypocrite.

Seriously. Stop going to the movies, ever.

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