13 December 2011

There's a story to tell behind this picture.

Yesterday I sent my USB flash drive to the cleaners. Literally. It was in my jeans' pocket and I totally forgot about it until it came out fresh and clean from the washing machine. That's why I had to put it under the desk lamp overnight. Other than that, I also used the old store in a bag of rice method for another night just to make sure all the moisture is really gone. Today prayed to the Lord and plugged the flash drive into my PC. Guess what? It still works! Perfectly. So next time you accidentally sent your electronics to the cleaners, remember: lights and rice.

That thing I used to prop up the flash drive under the lamp? It's a packet of Yasmin pills. Married couples should know this. It's our preferred method of contraception. This thing is quite expensive too at 50 ringgit a pop. Previously we've been using Marvelon. Well actually my wife does all the hard work. She claimed it makes her fat so the change to Yasmin. Compared to our previous method of birth control, this one is heaven. My sex life has never been better since. Some people prefers IUCD. That's good too. But that method is even more expensive. Some claim it has it's fair share of side effects. Actually every birth control method has some side effects. You'll just have to deal with it. Whatever it is I prefer the previous two compared to coitus interruptus. Personally, I feel one of the main reason guys get married is so that they can let it all out at the right place and the right time. Coitus interruptus is suitable only for porn stars or unmarried couples. I hated it. It doesn't feel right.

That little UMNO notebook you see there is a gift from a friend. I use it to write down all the movies that I have burned to my DVDs. Just because I hate UMNO doesn't mean I have to throw away a perfectly good notebook. That's all. The End.

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