24 December 2011

Yesterday we had a little ceremony at the office. A new presents exchange tradition. Everybody had to buy a present, 40 ringgit minimum in value and we would change them with each other through a lucky draw. There were like 10 of us and for my part I bought a lovely IKEA table lamp for RM45.00. Guess what I got in exchange? A lousy small box of chocolate and a romantic love songs CDs. I mean whoever bought physical CDs anymore nowadays? There's iTunes and there's 4shared. Not very thoughtful whoever that fella is.

Later in the evening we all gathered at Atrium Lounge & Café in Sunway Pyramid for dinner. It was a 80 bucks per head buffet type dinner. The place is located right next door to Sunway Pyramid, sandwiched between the shopping mall and the resort. The ambiance & environment inside is quite nice. The place is filled with people but not too crowded. As always I tried a little bit of everything from baked salmon to Mongolian barbecue. We ate there until 10:00 pm. I tried to join in the conversation but I couldn't make any sense what they were talking about since they're not speaking in English or Malay. Still, I had a nice time there. Who doesn't like free food right?

The next morning I woke up with a really bad stomach ache. My tummy was in constant pain but yet it's not diarrhea because I had no urge to go to the toilet. I'm guessing the raw baked salmon from last night didn't really agree with me. It's definitely food poisoning. We planned to go back to Tanah Merah early this morning but since I was so weak and in pain we didn't go until 10:00 am. My wife did 2/3 of the driving while I slept for most of the journey. At least I tried to. By midday my body was hot all over and in addition to the stomach ache I now have a fever. Just great.

Nevertheless we made it safely to Tanah Merah, thanks to my wife. After this she can already drive from KL to here all by herself already. As of the moment, after an extended visit to the restroom my tummy felt a little better. Still I felt weak and this throbbing headache is killing me. Good night.

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