10 June 2010

My little sister Izni got married today. About time too, she's 27 this year if I'm not mistaken. All of my family member is in town for the big day, Lina & family and also Faiz with his recently wedded wife. Uncle Dib and Uncle Din had to spend the night at Aunty Yati's place because our house can not possible fit all of us together.

My Dad is here too of course. After all he is going to be the wali (marriage guardian) for Izni. I wish he had worn something more proper than that blue denim shirt. A baju melayu would be fine. Then again I too wore a green t-shirt. Anyway during the formal lunch, my Dad and Mom didn't sit together at the table with the bride and groom. They have this long and complicated history between them and until today they can't see eye too eye. Well I think my Dad is pretty cool with everybody, it's just my Mom. She rarely forget things, especially those which hurts her the most. But now that all of my siblings are married, they have no reason to see each other ever again after this. I hope that is not the case. Although separated and well apart, we are still family.

But today is about Izni and her new husband. I don't know him that well, nobody in my family does but I hope he would be the man to take care of my sister well and make her happy for the rest of their lives together. Only time will tell.