15 June 2010

While sorting through my emails this morning, I received one from the UiTM Academics department. It was my exam result! I don't remember they ever doing this, sending exam results to students but it is pretty impressive considering their student portal website is almost always down this time of the year.

So how did I fair? As you can see below I did quite well this semester, even better than the last. Principles of Management was never easy and I think my average mark for my assignment affected the final score. Next time remember to do it with the top student in class (that's you Mrs Rock!). Islamic Civilization was quite tough but I got an A as well for that. As usual, thank you everyone for your help, my family, friends, lecturer, employee who gave me that 3 days leave to take these exams. Well, this is just the 2nd semester and we still have 6 more to go. Long way to go and I must continuously improve my results. You know I won't post them here if they were bad right? :)

All this week I'll be working at a client's office in Subang, replacing my colleague who is taking some time off this school holiday to be with his family. Is it just my feelings or does everybody have like 30 days off a year? Cause everybody seemed to take leaves every other week (not counting M.C and E.L). After my sister's wedding, Hari Raya and next semester's exams I will have like -2 days left of annual leave. Sigh.